All of Wisdom Capital hard money loans are privately issued, asset-based loans, which are underwritten based on the value of the real estate rather than based on the borrower’s income or prior credit ratings. There are a multitude of avenues that the money from the loans can be used for, some of which being land acquisition and development, building acquisition and rehabilitation, short term “fix & flip” properties, investment properties and many more. We have been very successful in writing loans for those borrowers unable to get approvals from traditional banks or even other hard money lenders.

REO or “Real Estate Owned” properties are a class of properties that are owned by a lender. In most cases these properties are owned by banks, government agencies or government loan insurers and their ownership comes from the unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction. Once an REO has been established, the owner usually offers these properties for said at prices significantly lower than the current market sale price. Traditional financing for REOs can be difficult to secure, but private lenders like Wisdom Capital can provide REO loans for property purchases based on existing loan-to-value ratios.


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